April 27
A colorful evening!

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01 Junior 02 casque
A new member in the Junior Team and an instagram account  - Helmets, some like them, others are not sure

03 kombucha Kombucha ! A new favorite at the bar.

04 trophy 05 trophy
The Wednesday Trophy - Before and After Veronica's wonderful work.

07 Crystal 08 Crystal
What happens in Ottawa stays in Ottawa - One of those winners gave us the picture!

09 Losso 10 Losso
Ricardo Losso - TMR Greens Winner of 2016, still wearing green and winning against Denmark in New Zealand

11 wendy 12 Wendy
Wendy improving her measuring techniques. Unfortunately, no pictures of Clement measuring with half and half tickets!

13 triple 14 triple Clement explaining the new Triple Curling - It is so simple!

15 greens 

16 greens 17 greens
A wonderful Greens' Tournament. Not everyone was expecting to win. Audrey enjoyed her game.
This great group of Greens and one Grey stayed on the Ice to watch the final game.

18 Bob 19 Bob 20 Bob
Robert introduces the ''2020 Look'' for Skips - Chic but not very warm, he told us! Some skips still have a long way to come!

JO-AN JETTÉ - The President Speech.
She thanked everone involved in this successful year and asked all winners from the Grand Match - Grande Dame to stand up.
A warm THANK  YOU to Hans who will be retiring this year. 

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IMG 3423 IMG 3426
Pierre-Luc McLean - Rookie of the Year 2018 offering the trophy to François Lachapelle - Rookie of the Year 2019 !

IMG 3430 IMG 3432
Wendy Klacko - MEMBER OF THE YEAR 2019... and Happy Birthday!

IMG 3433 
Thank you Christina Black! You now have your name to add to the Presidents Board.

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BANQUET 2018  

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Le Club de Curling Ville de Mont-Royal est situé à quelques minutes des futures stations Canora et Ville-de-Mont-Royal du nouveau REM. Le Club offre un environnement inclusif, sécuritaire et accueillant à tous ses membres et au grand public pour jouer au curling. Le Club s’engage à développer des compétences, à promouvoir l'esprit sportif, à procurer des occasions de compétition et à établir des amitiés durables.

Le Club compte 6 glaces de qualité où évoluent différentes ligues de jour et de soir, offrant d’excellentes conditions de jeu pour les « curleurs » de tous niveaux. Le Club accueille des membres compétitifs, des novices et tous les individus qui partagent une passion pour le curling.

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