1. How should I dress for curling?

  • We strongly suggest a pair of sneakers or shoes with almost no heels.
  • Wear warm clothing. If you're cold, you won't have fun and it's easier to take them off if necessary.
  • Nylon pants if you have them otherwise any pants will do. No jeans!
  • Fleece jacket or something warm.
  • Gloves (leather if possible).
  • Warm socks.
  • Ski underwear or turtleneck for the coldest.
  • We will lend you the slippery sole and the brush (broom).


2. Is curling safe?

At the Town of Mount Royal Curling Club, we want you to know how to curl safely! All beginners will receive a basic orientation course before taking to the ice to play.

Here are some tips:

  • Warm-up and stretch properly before a game.
  • Wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing. No jeans!
  • Wear clean, heel-less, rubber-soled shoes.
  • When entering the playing surface, place your shoe on the ice first without a slippery surface.
  • When leaving the playing surface, the foot without the slippery surface should leave the ice last.
  • Always hold your brush with both hands, except when throwing the stone.
  • Do not lift the stone.
  • Do not try to stop a stone with your foot, use your brush instead.
  • When moving a stone, keep your brush in contact with it at all times.
  • Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but recommended. Remember, ice is slippery and hard!

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The Town of Mount Royal Curling Club is located just minutes from the future Canora and Ville de Mont-Royal stations of the new REM. The Club provides an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for all members and the general public to enjoy curling. The Club is committed to developing skills, promoting sportsmanship, providing competitive opportunities and building lasting friendships.

The Club has six quality sheets with various day and evening leagues, providing excellent playing conditions for curlers of all levels.  The Club welcomes competitive members, novices and all individuals who share a passion for curling.

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